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Steve Kingsley June Marshall Andy Debreceni
Steve Kingsley June Marshall Andy Debreceni
Developed Knowledge Science hypertext and Decide 123! PC applications and provided information systems consulting services through my company, A.I. Labs. Also founded Newmedia Publishing, a digital publishing and web development consultancy. Clients included the Theodore Roosevelt Association and the U.S. National Park Service.

Started to self-educate myself about blockchain technology in 2016; conceptualized and designed FoodVenture subsequently, combining my information technology and food industry expertise. 

Invented Rapid Pickling and licensed it to McDonald’s International through Cuisine Crafts Inc., my first food company. After selling the company to Gillette Foods Inc., I became a partner in Caffe Espress Corp., upon licensing my coffee flavoring and dessert drink patent to them. We produced and sold these products on the Food Network. Caffe Espress was subsequently bought by a Chinese conglomerate.

Formal education:       MBA, Information Systems;  MS,
                                    Food Science.

Informal education:     30+ years of founding and managing
                                    businesses, along with developing,
                                    patenting, and commercializing new
                                    products and technologies.

Languages:                  English, Hungarian.

I began my business life in retail sales at the age of thirteen, when my father built the Safari Shop in Ocean City, MD. He taught me how to do the books, as well buying, selling, and customer care.

After earning a MA degree in English, I became an instructor to non-English speaking NATO officers, Japanese, and European businessmen in Brussels, Belgium. Subsequently, I taught in high schools in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Getting back to my entrepreneurial roots, this time in foods,   I became the co-owner of the B. Flower and Sun Honey Company, operating in the New York Tri-state area. The business was sold to Dawe's Hill Honey Inc. later on. Next     I worked in Public Relations and Marketing at AT&T. Also trained in Usability and Human Factors (UX today) there, becoming one of the first webmasters.

Finally, I joined Newmedia Publishing as an editor, which also published my books and albums. Having become a partner in its holding company, Hashema International Partners, I am now in charge of PR, marketing, and sales.

Formal education:      MA, English; MC, Project
                                   Management; UX development.

Informal education:    30+ years of owning and managing
                                   businesses, marketing and sales,
                                   publishing, book authoring, and   
                                   web content development.

Languages:                 English, French, Spanish, Dutch, 
In the first part of my career I applied my education in economics and industrial engineering to production management, at small to medium size companies in the fashion industry.
My introduction to the food business was in 1996, when I managed the production of Flavor Aged™ coffees and dessert coffee blends, invented by Steve, at Caffe Espress till 1998. Then came an editorship at Newmedia Publishing, where I worked on a number of book and ebook projects, along with June.

Having also become a partner in our holding company, Hashema International Partners, at first I managed the production of CaffeMallows, then CaffeinAll, our caffeinated energy products. Now I’m in charge of R&D and pilot plant operations.

Formal education:      BA, Economics and Industrial

Informal education:    20+ years of managing production,
                                   R&D, QA, and logistics, digital
                                   content creation, editing, and

Languages:                 English, Hungarian.

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